About Me

I am interested in all things beautiful! And retail; most people who know me, know that I can be just as stunned, by a beautiful pair of shoes, a bottle of water or a plant. This adventure I have embarked on, was inspired by a comment from a friend, "you see such beauty", so I thought, surely others see it too. That was initially what this blog started as, and my intention was to post only pictures and not say a word. Now, this blog is an opportunity for me to interact with you, for you to tell me, explore with me, agree with me, disagree with me, is this beautiful? Has it impacted your life? Would you change your habits, or as philosophers would say, your rituals for it?...as for the name 3 Belles or Trois Belles, 'tis french'...for something completely different...and one day ill tell you what.