Thursday, November 24, 2011

NOT, singing in the rain...under my umbrella, ella ella

It probably seems arbitrary for me to be writing a post about umbrella's, but I really do not enjoy rainy season and alas, it is upon us in all its glory. I do not enjoy getting wet, give me at least a thunderstorm, then at least I have entertainment while I'm getting wet. That is the only thing that can justify me getting the bottom of my jeans wet, my feet wet, my hair wet and obviously my clothes. I could go on. I was mulling over where I can find a suitable umbrella, in this country. Nevertheless (I love that word, its so dramatic and for me salvational), creative umbrella solutions; even though I would rather wear a whole body outfit. Forget a rain coat, rain body suit.

I see wet people... 25togo

 It is a very beautiful way to interact with the rain, to draw patterns on the ground. We have all done it, however I wonder whether spy's or secret agents could use it to leave very, very temporary messages for each other...Rain Brush.

 Coffee anyone? I guess in New York one day this will come in handy. The caption for the website says 'architecture you can wear'. I'm inclined to disagree. The Latte' Loving Umbrella.

Body armour, my style. This does however remind me of bubble boy, i'm ashamed to say I watched it because it was rather bad, but at least now I can reference it, so my watching it is justifed.
For the fashionista's, the late great Alexander McQueen head umbrella. Who wants to hold anything but themselves, or a Celine handbag, or a camera...

and because we like things...Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl.
 Only because I did a stint in Environmental management. The Ecobrolly.
. I wonder whether one would be shot on sight carrying this parody of an umbrella. I foresee an increase in accidental shootings, not just by the police. Riflembrella

 Only if you promise to make me smile, my personal favourite. The Seal and the Wheel Umbrella.
I would use an umbrella if I could look like this. Painting of Geisha

Because rain and singing is like peanut butter and jam and tea. Check out the Glee cover of 'Singing in the rain' and 'Under my Umbrella' from season 2 of Glee. I could not find a good enough quality for the video.

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