Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paris Fashion Week, Fall (Autumn) 2012

I always enjoy street style more than I enjoy finding out what we will be wearing in the next season. I also firmly believe that fashion is moving to the street and I am not sure why we still look at what the designers are doing. We are moving to a society were designers will look at us. So we will take a look at Street Style then move on to what you will be wearing this autumn or in about six months time, so that you can prepare. So in honour of all the fashion weeks past, we will start with Paris Fashion Week, Fall/Autumn 2012; why Paris, because its one of the capital cities of fashion, and love, and good food and fine dining...and I am biase.

I am glad colour blocking is still in because I just cought up with the season....I know late blommer. But I am so cautious with some styles because I am never sure whether they will look good on me, you know being black, petite but not small. Although today I suspiciously, feel like a big girl, Chloe Kardashian Big and not in a insecure ways, just in a ha! I still look good. 

I am currenlty looking for a cobalt blue silk blouse to go with the cherry red jeans I just bought and wore for 2 days in a row. Even Mr. Victor Matfield saw me in them in Pretoria, because I just cannot get enough of them....well to be honest I do not think he noticed me, he was busy with his beautiful little girls, the hap-hazard layout is on purpose. Vote for your best look; what you know you would wear, me...all of them obviously. Even the sheer pink!

I think it was the contrast of skirt and bikes,
soft and hard that drew me to this photo
Christian Dior Dresses & Bags

Yasmin Sewell, Dior Lee jacket
JW Anderson Pajamas

Ane Catherine Frey

Sheer still in!

Fausto Piglisi Biker Jacket. Made me think of the Grand Opera Faust. and the phrase 'Bikers, Men from Mars'

The Grinch who stole style, it looks like Garance'

All photos curtesy of Vogue

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