Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Konzuk: Timeless and Versatile

So I was reading my weekly dose of a friends' contribution to the online mag and she featured this jewellry. Now you must understand, my friend and I have completely different style, hers is a love of the neat and clean and mine is a love for the combination of unusual materials and colours. So every once in a while, we meet. Below is the concrete and steel cuff links that I saw first and thought I want those as earrings!!!! I would wear them as earrings they are so beautiful. I wonder whether that would be sore...?

Then I went to the website and found....earrings. They are below.

And then my life got interesting; the colours the use of material, the cleaness of the designs, so androgynous. I want a platinum and concrete wedding band now. No I am not getting married, but if I did, I would. The bigger hops are bangles. Concrete and stainless steel bangles or bracelets, depending on where you grew up.

Most of the images above are from their collection, 'Concrete.' Concrete! But now my 3 favourite items, from their collection 'Embellished, which is sadly no longer available. It is industrial frivolity. Frivolity is a good word!

The necklaces above are coloured by automotive paint. Below is more eye candy.

Now I must state that the necklace, bottom left, I think is so beautifully balanced that I want to call it a symphony. You must understand that I do not enjoy symphonies, too loud for my taste, but I thought, if someone had to represent a symphony graphically, it would look like that necklace. She is a Canadian based designer called Karen Konzuk.

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  1. Just wanted to personally thank you for the great post about our work! Maybe some day we'll bring back the Embellished collection. I'll save a piece just for you.