Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Perspex Jewellery: Belinda-Lee Ludek

My first reaction to this cuff was, 'aahh! come on!' that is how gorgeous it is; it illicited a reaction from me that does not make sense, like I could not believe what I was seeing. While perusing my favourite online store in SA, 36 Boutiques, that I am registered on but I cannot seem to not max my credit card out so I do not really know when, if ever ill buy from there. Unless they convert to a shop. Then I can max the credit card in person, I enjoy that a lot more. It reminds me of stuff that would strip super heroes of their powers, like kryptonite for Superman. This may be my archilles heel because I am going to load money onto my credit card, just to buy this....It is by Cape Town Based Jewellery Designer, Belinda-Lee Ludek.

 My love for the unusual continued.

These pieces are unfortunately only available from 36 Boutiques, because I went to check on her website and these are not up yet. I love the crudeness of the form of the cuff contrasting with the refined finish of the pieces. I do not see anyone wear these with anything other than classic pieces with clean lines in simple colours. Anything more would make the pieces look garish and insult the design integrity of the pieces.

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