Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pamela Love: Jewellry designer for the Love of Drama

It's not often that I watch Fashion TV and not get bored out of my mind. I can hear some of you say, "That's blashpemy" with your best aghast voice, but alas I have said it. It's not really the content that bores me everything is always so amnazing that I get an overload and switch off. As a result I do not have a TV because then I would always be on Fashion TV and never satisfied with what I see.I am always looking for something I cannot define. I think im looking for spectacular. Last year Cleo Droomer won the Elle Magazine's New Talent Designer search in South Africa and as far as I was concerned, his fellow entrants were far behind him.
So watching Fashoin TV this past weekend at my parents house, I discovered Pamela Love a New York based jewellry designer. I am not going to say much about her expcept she is highly trained and experienced. Her work experience in the dramatic arts, I think personally, influences her work so obviously. I will let  her work speak for itself. Do you see what I see too....

Maybe it was my love for drama and the dramatic. Nothing is ever too much for me. Or maybe it was the narrative behind the collection that got my attention. She explained this way, loosely translated, 'its Art Deco and Industrial Revolution inspired, taking some of the elements and translating that to something new and fresh.' But how she presented it, is she said, 'I wanted the models to look like they were working at the factory and stole the jewellry and wore it.' I love to hear the story behind the presentation. Her jewellry is very masculine and bold, reminds me of the Chrysler Building by Willem van Alen. See the resemblance.

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