Monday, October 31, 2011

Nouvelle Vague: Heart of Glass Cover

So I was sitting at Tribeca in Brooklyn's Design Square and in the middle of a rather important conversation with one of my closest friends, the music caught me. This unfortunately happens to my unsuspecting friends more often than I would care to admit; something beautiful catches my eye or my ear and by the time I rejoin the conversation, i'm lost. In this instance I think the distraction was a worthy cause. A cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass- I think now it can suitably be called a classic- by the band "Nouvelle Vague". This cover is from their second offering, Bande a`Part. I'm not sure where I was when their first offering arrived but i'm glad I have friends who introduce me to spaces that I love that play background music that I eventually fall in love with as well. They are a french musical collective...I wont re-invent the wheel, read wiki's description below, and did I mention I love all things french:

Nouvelle Vague is a French musical collective led by musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. Their name is a play on words, meaning "new wave" in French, and "bossa nova" (new trend) in Portuguese. This refers simultaneously to their "Frenchness" and "artiness" (the '60s new wave of cult French cinema), the source of their songs (all covers of punk rock, post-punk, and New Wave songs), and their use of '60s bossa nova-style arrangements.

Members, former members and contributors include many French artists who are now very well known on their own and considered[by whom?] as part of what is now called the "Renouveau de la chanson Française" (the "Renewal of French chanson"): Camille Dalmais, Phoebe Killdeer, Mélanie Pain, Marina Céleste and Gerald Toto. Mareva Galanter joined the roster of vocalists in 2010.

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