Monday, October 31, 2011

Brit Insurance Furniture Award 2011: Branca, Industrial Facility, Sam Hecht, Kim Colin and Ippei Matsumoto, Italy.

The Branca chair, designed by Industrial Facility and manufactured by Italian brothers Mattiazzi was intended to look familiar to the eye. Mimicking the natural growth patterns of twigs and branches, the Branca backrest and armrests seem to grow seamlessly from just one piece of wood.-

Its a beautiful chair, if nature grew furniture this chair would be copyrighted by a tree. I would love it for my study (converted second bedroom) and my dining room (if i had dining space). It has simple delicate lines; it looks so light that I do not think it would be a stretch to think that if you sat on it it would break,..I think you would, especially with ATM's.

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