Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leanne Marshall

When I first saw the dress below, have never wanted a look more than that, with the hair included. I can feel the textures with my eyes. This is by Leanne Marshall the winner for Project Runway, season 5. 

Then I saw the ivory dress on the right and I called my sister who is getting married and asked her how far her wedding planning plans are because I have found my bridesmaid dress and I was preparing for getting it shipped to SA. Mind you, she does not have a wedding dress yet...More images below, the pieces are so perfect for me, like sculpture; except its fluid, like water.

Christmas parties anyone?

I have been described as a greek goddess by an artist before-shame it was not a man, but I bet I could replicate that look again.

Now I need to say that some of these are described as wedding dresses and I want to wear them walking down the street.

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