Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hariri and Hariri Architects

Sternbrauerei Salzburg

Kryptonite Jewelry

Wilton Poolhouse
It is very rare that one finds successful female architects. I would like to introduce you to the New York based Hariri and Hariri. They have won numerous awards, have had been selected as part of the Guggenheim's 'Contemplating the Void', exhibition a 50th celebration of Sir Frank Lloyd Wright's Museum. I could go on about their accolades, but I would much rather give you home work.

I must say I enjoy their residential projects  and their jewelry a lot more than I do the commercial architecture, product design and urban design. However, I think it has more to do with their brand of Modernism, which disturbs me because its not square. But there is always an angled wall or angled something hiding waiting for me to discover it and be uncomfortable with looking at it. Squares, I understand, circles and curves I'm at home with, distorted squares...something else.

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