Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spineless Classics

Pride and Prejudice

The Curious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One Guess....most recognised musical

Follow the yellow brick road

Down the rabbit hole....
Some of us have been impacted by a great book and that book has become a backdrop for our lives. Spineless classics believes that why not have this book become a backdrop literally in your house as well. Enter spineless classics; a whole book, mostly classics printed on one page. The print is legible enough for you to actually read the book. I love it! This would make a really good present for all my bibliophile friends.

I love books but recently I have fallen into the trap of watching, bad-I might say-adaptations of really good books. I can make the excuse and say I have no time but I have time to sit and watch Television for hours so maybe thats not true. I love the idea of having a book as a wall hanging in my childrens rooms, and having the theme of the room revolve around that book. Not in a kitch, copy and paste kind of way; but in a 'its in the nuances' kind of way.

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