Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Natural Architecture: Maruyama House, Atelier Sano

The wooden house designed by the Japanese Architectural firm, Atelier Sano. The house has made me decide that floor to ceiling windows are the new balconies. Now I just need someone to design a balcony within a house then I never have to get cold because I am standing on a balcony, but it is too hot inside, so freeze I must. Climate controlled balconies essentially. The pictures give me the impression that I am purched on a mountain. Restrained only by the spaces of wall that hold up the roof essesntially. I also enjoy uncluttered spaces with everything in it there for a purpose and easily accessible. I'm only good with useless things that are going to cover a wall.

1 comment:

  1. I like. But i like the interior decor more than it's exterior design.

    It's unattractive from the outside but i would live inside this "Maruyama", if i were it's proud owner.

    I concur. A spacious, well organised and purposeful - desire meets design - living arena feels more homely to me than any alternative.